Sunlab Holding

We build projects for the future.

Sunlab Holding engages in modern, innovative startups and tech-driven companies.
We support you with financing, strategic topics and with the setup of tech and data infrastructures.



  • Strategy

    We guide our ventures through all setup and scaling phases - sometimes even in their early concept stage.
    Our experienced digital strategists have already helped numerous startups with finding the right product-market-fit as well as go-to-market-strategies and plans to outperform in highly competitive markets.

  • Marketing and Communication

    Our team helps you to select all relevant marketing channels for your brand and to develop high-performing advertisement and storytelling to help your brand grow.

    Whether performance marketing, social media, affiliate- or influencer-marketing - we know all disciplines and have successfully implemented them in various industries.
    We have even managed to establish category-killer industry verticals - e.g. in the music and coffee industries.

  • Tech Stack

    We support you in finding and building the optimal tech stack for your company.
    We usually follow a best-of-breed approach and fill gaps with in-house developments from our own teams if necessary, so as not to limit the growth of our ventures and for to have the optimal technical tools for every purpose.

  • Data First

    We help you with your data strategy and show you how you can leverage analytics, KPIs, NPS and data warehouse applications optimally for your purposes.
    We also help you with complicated data science and compliance issues and support you with data governance and security-related topics in your company.

  • Funding and Fundraising

    We will help you with all funding- and financing-related topics. This starts with budget planning, designing business models and additional sources of income, through to raising capital and collecting government subsidies.

  • M&A Guidance

    We acompany our ventures throughout their whole journey - from the early start to a possible exit strategy.
    Our competent M&A partners can draw on many years of experience and a large network and will help you with the design of financing rounds and, if desired, with your exit plans.


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